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On/Off Valve

Gosco On/Off Valves offer an extended bonnet for insulation, a patented stem sealing system, Clearview mounting pad for simple actuator installation, and several seat options for abrasive, high cycle, chemical and high temperature applications.


Cryogenic Valve

Gosco Cryogenic Valves are designed to withstand temperatures of -200°C (-328°F) and have a minimum 12" bonnet extension to protect the handle/actuator from ice ball buildup. Drilled ball, exotic alloys and Vari-V control options are available.


3-Way Diverter Valve

Gosco 3-Way Diverter Valves are bottom entry with flow to the left or right ports. They are available in "Single L" (180° applications with a middle position that blocks the process), and "Double L" (90° applications with a mix between the ports) configurations.


Block & Bleed Valve

Gosco Block & Bleed Valves offer the most flexible custom options in the industry, and are available in single block & bleed (standard valve with a bleed port) and double block & bleed (single body with two trim sets and a bleed port) configurations.


Vari-V Control Valve

Gosco Vari-V Control Valves precisely control flow, pressure or temperature with standard 10°, 30°, 60°, 90° V's. Custom designed and manufactured profile V's are also available, and are used for applications requiring special flow characteristics.