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  • Block & Bleed Sizes

    NPS 1/2 full port to NPS 6 standard port
    1/2” full port to 6” standard port
  • Block & Bleed Range

    Pressures: Class 150, 300 and 600
    Temperature: -40 °C/-40°F to 595°C/1100°F
  • Block & Bleed Applications

    Soft: Corrosive, High Cycle, Abrasive, High Temperature
    Metal: Corrosive, Abrasive, High Temperature
  • Block & Bleed Warranty

    1 year or 1 million cycles, whichever comes first
  • Block & Bleed Delivery

    Standard delivery time is 6-8 weeks depending on options
  • Block & Bleed Quote

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Fab Valve Block & Bleed Downloads

  • Fab Valve Block & Bleed Valves

    M-Class Block & Bleed Valves

    The Gosco Block and Bleed Valve stands on top of its class by providing the unique components featured in a standard Fab Valve, combined with cutting edge live-loaded seat technology. Gosco Valves' extended bonnet, Fab Valve sealing system, Clearview mounting pad, soft seats and exotic alloy options make these block and bleed valves extremely versatile, enabling them to tackle the toughest severe service applications.

  • Configurations


    A single block and bleed configuration is used when the operator wants to check the integrity of the seats in a valve. With the valve in the closed position, you can pressurize each end and open up the bleed valve to see if the seats are working properly. A double block and bleed with an integral body (one valve, two balls, four seats and a bleed valve) is used for applications where there is limited space, requiring a double block and bleed valve with reduced dimensions.

  • Superior Trim Hardening

    Superior Trim Hardening

    Gosco uses a proprietary process called boronizing, and we are the only company in the world that uses it as their main trim hardening process. Boronizing is an advanced chemical process which outlasts any coating. It results in a case layer that is extremely hard, corrosion resistant, and capable of handling high temperature shocks.

  • Seat/Spring Design

    Seat/Spring Design

    Gosco's patented seat/spring design is perfect for powder/catalyst applications to prevent build up of powder behind the seats. The spring pushes against the seat while simultaneously sealing against the body so media can not get behind it. Media never gets trapped between the seat and body or between the spring and the seat.

  • Exotic Alloys

    Exotic Alloys

    If you can cast it, or it is available in bar stock, Gosco can make it in to an Fab Valve Block & Bleed valve, even with metals that require vacuum casting (like titanium). We are not restricted to making merely the body from exotic alloys, as we can create all components to suit your needs, right down to the bolting. Our engineering team at Gosco Valves have extensive experience in corrosive applications, and we can recommend the best material to use for your specific application.

  • Bi-Directional Sealing

    Bi-Directional Sealing

    Fab Valve design is completely symmetrical, and seals bubble tight in both directions. Gosco Valves are completely bi-directional so installers do not need to worry about flow direction and/or hight pressure sides.

Fab Valve Configurations