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  • Cryogenic Sizes

    Available in sizes from 1/2" full port to 16" standard port
  • Cryogenic Range

    Pressure up to 1500# Class Temperature -328 °F to 500 °F
  • Cryogenic Applications

    Built for soft-seated cryogenic applications
  • Cryogenic Warranty

    1 year or 1 million cycles, whichever comes first
  • Cryogenic Delivery

    Standard delivery time is 3-4 weeks depending on options
  • Cryogenic Quote

    Click here to receive an S-Class Cryogenic Valve quote.

S-Class Cryogenic Downloads

  • S-Class Cryogenic Valves

    S-Class Cryogenic Valves

    S-Class Cryogenic Valves can withstand temperatures of -200 °C/ -328 °F and have a minimum 12" bonnet extension to protect the actuator and handle from the ice ball. The valve features the patented S-Class Stem Sealing System, a detachable bonnet, and TFM-1600 seats (-200 °C/-328 °F.) If safety is a concern, every S-Class Cryogenic Valve has a fully grounded stem, and a drilled ball to relieve pressure. A bolt-on retrofit kit is available.

  • Cryogenic Extension

    Cryogenic Extension

    In cryogenic applications, a large ice ball develops around the valve. On a traditional ball valve, the ice ball is often so large, it completely covers the handle or actuator, making it impossible to open or close the valve. S-Class Cryogenic Valves feature a minimum 12° bonnet extension that keeps the handle and actuator outside the ice ball. This allows you to open and close the valve easily and to fully access the packing adjustments.

    Cryogenic Extension
  • Bolt-on Retrofit Kit

    Bolt-on Retrofit Kit

    Not only is an S-Class Cryogenic Valve designed for high performance, but for convenience as well. A bolt-on retrofit kit is used when the soft goods have to be replaced in the valve. The customer simply has to remove the bolts holding the cryogenic extension to the body, and send the bonnet assembly and cryogenic extension to Gosco Valves. We will return a bolt-on retrofit kit that includes a pre-tested stem, and bonnet assembly with new packing.

    Retrofit Kit
  • Oxygen Cleaning

    Oxygen Cleaning

    Oxygen is extremely explosive and even a tiny particle could cause a spark, potentially causing an explosion in the line. Valves in oxygen service must be oxygen cleaned and bagged in order to guarantee that the valve is 100% free of debris. Special facilities and procedures including a positively-charged clean room, approved cleaning solutions, and ultraviolet inspection lighting are available at Gosco Valves, if you require oxygen cleaning.

    Oxygen Cleaning
  • Exotic Trim

    Exotic Trim

    An S-Class Cryogenic Valve can be custom fitted with several exotic trim options. Monel is a non-sparking metal, making it perfect for oxygen service. In addition to machining the ball out of Monel, we design it so that all edges in the process flow are rounded. This reduces velocities that can cause explosions in an oxygen line. A Niton analyzer is used to do full Positive Material Identification (PMI) on all exotic trim options.

    Exotic Trim
  • Stem Sealing System

    Stem Sealing System

    The core of our patented stem sealing system is the dual live-loaded packing. To eliminate side loading on the packing, we've added two stem guides to support the stem at the bottom and the top. For a third layer of protection, a fugitive emissions port can be drilled to monitor the areas between the packing sets. Our stem sealing system has been tested by TUV, and exceeds all current and projected fugitive emission standards.

    Stem Sealing
  • Clearview Mounting Pad

    Clearview Mounting Pad

    Clearview is a combination of a ISO 5211 mounting pad for easy installation of valve accessories, and a CNC machined/cast bracket that guarantees accurate actuator alignment. Packing adjustments can be performed in-line without removing the actuator, and the double "D" stem gives you a visible indication of the position of the valve. Clearview also raises the actuator from the valve, and acts as a heat sink to protect it from excessive temperatures.

  • Fast Track Service

    Fast Track Service

    What good is an elite custom ball valve if it can't be delivered when you need it? Fast Track, our expedited delivery service is designed to help you meet near-impossible deadlines. The fee is based on accelerated engineering and design, supplier expedite charges, air freight, extra manpower and other associated costs. What does this buy you? The best custom ball valve and a solid guarantee: if we don't deliver on time, we will waive all Fast Track fees.

    Fast Track