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About Gosco Valves

Gosco Valves is a privately held, bespoke valve manufacturer in Oakville, Ontario. We have been solving problems for the world’s most extreme valve applications since 1985, and we are the epitome of Quality, Flexibility and Performance.

Quality - Every Gosco valve is designed in-house. We start with basic calculations (wall thickness, bolting, MAST, etc), then we design the valve from the inside out. If required, our engineering department does CFD’s, FEA’s and other analyses. We manufacture our valves using the highest quality materials, and we incorporate our proprietary components, surface hardening techniques and design features. Not only that, we actually do real testing in our R&D sister company, Gosco Skunkworks. We never compromise materials or designs to save costs.

Flexibility - Whether it’s a custom designed or slightly modified valve, we specialize in providing what our customers want, not in selling a “Compromise". We are a medium sized company with a “Say Yes” attitude, so we offer the best of both worlds - the infrastructure to provide proper engineering support, a real R&D department that actually tests designs, all the certifications and procedures that are part of our ISO 9000:2015 QA system AND, we’re small enough to be able to respond to our customers’ wishes.

Performance - At Gosco, you’re not paying for a name, you’re buying the best performing valve in the world. We have 35 years of experience solving problems and no matter how difficult the application, our valves work. Performance is about the long term, and the initial investment you make is long forgotten when you have years of trouble free service. In fact, the most expensive “Initial cost” valve may actually be your least expensive valve over time. To prove this, we have developed a “Cost of Ownership Calculator” that takes in to consideration not only the upfront and visible costs, but also the hidden costs.

We make the best valves in the world and we’re proud of that.

Welcome to our company.

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