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Some applications aren’t for normal valves. Gosco can handle any process and have specific design features for: High Cycle, Extreme Temperature, Corrosive, High Pressure, and Abrasive Applications.


Vari-V Control Valve

Lot’s of valves control flow, pressure or temperature. Our Vari-V comes with standard 10°, 30°, 60°, 90° V’s
or Custom V's for special flow characteristics. Yes - we deal with cavitation, abrasion, high pressure drops, etc.


Block & Bleed Valve

It’s not a Block and Bleed Valve, it’s a Double Isolation and Bleed Valve. It also has bubble tight shut-off under full differential or a 1psi differential. Naturally we have the flexibility to customize it specifically for you.


Cryogenic Valve

Anyone can do cryogenic applications - we do extreme cryogenic applications: Ultra High Pressures, Unstable Liquids, Bi-Directional Sealing, Vari-V Control. It’s what sets us apart from the competition.


3-Way Diverter Valve

Our 3-Way Diverter valves are bottom entry with flow to the left/right ports. They're available in Single "L" (180°) and Double "L" (90°) configurations. We also have the flexibility to customize it specifically for your application.


Made To Order

Our strength is our ability to solve problems that other manufacturers can't. Our engineering team, cutting
edge technology, and a “Say Yes” attitude; gives us
the ability to create a bespoke valve to suit your needs.