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Some applications aren’t for normal valves. Gosco can handle any process and have specific design features for: High Cycle, Extreme Temperature, Corrosive, High Pressure, and Abrasive Applications.


Vari-V Control Valve

Lot’s of valves control flow, pressure or temperature. Our Vari-V comes with standard 10°, 30°, 60°, 90° V’s
or Custom V's for special flow characteristics. Yes - we deal with cavitation, abrasion, high pressure drops, etc.


Block & Bleed Valve

It’s not a Block and Bleed Valve, it’s a Double Isolation and Bleed Valve. It also has bubble tight shut-off under full differential or a 1psi differential. Naturally we have the flexibility to customize it specifically for you.


Cryogenic Valve

Anyone can do cryogenic applications - we do extreme cryogenic applications: Ultra High Pressures, Unstable Liquids, Bi-Directional Sealing, Vari-V Control. It’s what sets us apart from the competition.


3-Way Diverter Valve

Our 3-Way Diverter valves are bottom entry with flow to the left/right ports. They are available in “Single L” (180°) and “Double L” (90°) configurations. We also have the flexibility to customize it specifically for your application. .



Kinetrol pneumatic actuators have a single moving
part and up to a four million cycle guarantee.  They
are available with direct mount control modules
such as spring returns, limit switches & positioners.