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M-Class & S-Class Introduction

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Gosco Valves is separating its valves into two different product lines: M-Class (metal-seated) and S-Class (soft-seated). The M-Class line will be used specifically for metal seated applications, and the S-Class for soft seated applications. Several configurations will be offered in each line, such as, on/off, control, block and bleed, 3-way diverter, and FM approved. Seats aside, the M-Class line offers a more robust design to handle severe service applications, while the S-Class line, derived from the former Dual Pak Valve, is used for less intense processes. Make no mistake, however. S-Class can definitely hold its own.

The creation of these two product lines has improved Gosco’s internal operations by making it much easier to differentiate the various products and their features. The M-Class / S-Class division will also help customers by providing them with easier part numbers for facilitating purchase orders. Gosco Valves is constantly making internal structural improvements to ensure that we provide our customers with the most comfortable and innovative experience as possible. Please contact inside sales at (905) 825-2627 if you have any questions regarding the changes.