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Gosco and NASA Work with SEDS to Build Mobile Rocket Testing Stand

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On June 16, the University of California San Diego’s chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) conducted a successful live fire test of its static rocket engine test stand, Colossus, which features over $50,000 of valves donated by Gosco Valves.

Platinum sponsorship for Gosco Valves:

Gosco specifically designed these custom valves for SEDS’ high pressure cryogenic static rocket engine test stand which operated at 1440 psi, -321° F on liquid oxygen, liquid methane, vaporized liquid oxygen, and vaporized liquid methane.

The finished Colossus system is compatible with a wide range of rocket designs, and features an exchangeable engine interface and a versatile, dual-cryogenic fluid system to make that all possible.

The SEDS team plans to make the stand accessible to other teams who wish to test their rockets. To learn more about SEDS and Colossus, visit here

Colossus Launch Video:

Colossus First Hotfire: