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  • Block & Bleed Sizes

    Available in sizes from 1/2” full port to 16” standard port
  • Block & Bleed Range

    Pressure up to 4500# Class Temperature -454 °F - 1300 °F
  • Block & Bleed Uses

    Built for extreme metal seated block and bleed applications
  • Block & Bleed Warranty

    1 year or 1 million cycles, whichever comes first
  • Block & Bleed Delivery

    Standard delivery time is 6-8 weeks depending on options
  • Block & Bleed Quote

    Click here to receive an M-Class Block & Bleed quote.
  • M-Class Block & Bleed Valves

    M-Class Block & Bleed Valves

    M-Class Block and Bleed Valves transcend competitors offerings by combining live-loaded seat technology, the M-Class sealing system, metal seats, and exotic alloy options. This configuration makes our Block and Bleed Valves extremely versatile, enabling them to tackle the toughest severe service applications.

  • Configurations


    A single block and bleed configuration is used when the operator wants to check the integrity of the seats in a valve. With the valve in the closed position, you can pressurize each end and open up the bleed valve to see if the seats are working properly. A double block and bleed with an integral body (one valve, two balls, four seats and a bleed valve) is used for applications where there is limited space, requiring a double block and bleed valve with reduced dimensions.

  • Metal Seats

    Metal Seats

    Abrasive applications quickly wear the trim on regular ball valves, so using the right custom metal seated configurations can extend the life of your valve by years. We offer several custom trim options, including coatings (e.g. chrome carbide/tungsten carbide on 410SS), diffusion processes (e.g. boronized Inconel/Hastelloy) and ceramics (e.g. silicon nitride, aluminium zirconia). Every trim option has its advantages and disadvantages, so knowing which configuration to use is the key to our success.

  • Hot Seats

    Hot Seats

    Hot Seat is a combination metal/graphite M-Class seat option. It is created by bonding layers of graphite and encapsulating them with a metal retainer ring, then live-loading it to compensate for temperature fluctuations. This low cost alternative to traditional metal seats thrives in high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive conditions.

  • Exotic Alloys

    Exotic Alloys

    If you can cast it, or it is available in bar stock, Gosco can make it in to an M-Class Block & Bleed valve, even with metals that require vacuum casting (like titanium). We are not restricted to making merely the body from exotic alloys, as we can create all components to suit your needs, right down to the bolting. Our engineering team at Gosco Valves have extensive experience in corrosive applications, and we can recommend the best material to use for your specific application.

  • Made To Order


    Not all processes are the same, and there are several applications where standard valves just don't cut it. Our strength lies in our ability to find solutions to the problems that other manufacturers simply cannot solve. We have a team of specialized engineers, cutting-edge design technology, and a "Say yes" attitude. That gives us the ability to create a completely custom valve to suit you specific needs.

  • Fast Track Service

    Fast Track Service

    What good is an elite custom ball valve if it can't be delivered when you need it? Fast Track, our expedited delivery service is designed to help you meet near-impossible deadlines. The fee is based on accelerated engineering and design, supplier expedite charges, air freight, extra manpower and other associated costs. What does this buy you? The best custom ball valve and a solid guarantee: if we don't deliver on time, we will waive all Fast Track fees.

M-Class Configurations